The White 110gsm standard tarp are medium and easy to use and are perfect for different
application. These sheets are used as building site covers, market stall, groundsheets, garden tarp
and hay tarp. These covers are also used as pool covers and are useful where the light penetration
is required. These Standard tarp are also available in blue colour.Some of the important features
of these covers are as follows:
 HDPE weave with LDPE lamination
 Rot-proof, Shrink-proof and UV protected
 Lightweight and easy to use and handle
 Aluminum Eyelets Every Metre
 Rope Reinforced Hems
 Waterproof
 110gsm
 10*10 weave count
 Available in 9size+roll, measuring 1.8m*100m
 Colours Available: blue or white (various sizes)

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