Rip-stop Canvas Tarpaulins – 17OZ
These tarps are in medium weight and easy to use. RC are fabricated from a heavyweight material which are chemically treated. These tarps come with 12mm brass plated and at 2ft intervals at eyelets sit in one stitched hem. These sheets are built-up at tabs located to ensure a fixing frim from each eyelet.RC is now 17oz proved before it was 15oz treatment. These are water resistant. Available Tarp are Tarpaulin Accessories and Heavy Duty PVC. Some of the important features are:
Brass-plated eyelets at 2ft interval in stitched hems
Untreated 15oz/17oz material when treated
Single-stitched seams and hems
Water resistant heavy weight canvas
Fabricated from cotton canvas blended with polyester yarns, resulting in ripstop properties
Chemically treated and therefore lighter to handle than wax-processed tarpaulins

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