Heavy Weight Canvas Tarpaulins- Dark Green (21oz):
These heavyweight tarps are fabricated from natural fabric with single filled cotton duck. These dark military hardy tarps offer premium resistant to abrasion and punctures. These tarps come with brass eyelets having space of 2ft intervals in reinforced hem. These covers are water resistant as are made from wax-proofed material. These tarps are breathable and water resistant but a slight amount of shrinkage can occur where canvas tarps are subject to varying temperature. In these tarps seams and hems are single-stitched. These tarps are sold without seams and hems and can be sent within 2-3 days but not guarantee of 24hours. Some of the main features of these tarps are as follows
Single-stitched seams and hems
Produced to finished size- manufacturing tolerance max. 5cm
Heavyweight 21oz material when proofed
Water resistant heavy weight canvas- rot-proof and wax processed
Brass eyelets at 2ft intervals in reinforced hem

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