Flame Retardant Poly Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins - 14OZ

Flame Retardant Poly Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins – 14OZ
Canvas Tarps tan are manufactured from natural fabric and are breathable hardy tarps. These tarps are made up from single filled cotton-ducks. These come with a brass eyelet having space of 2ft intervals with hems and seams in reinforced tabs. These sheets are water resistant but a slight shrinkage can occur where these tarps are subjected to vary temperature. These tarps are sold out without hems, eyelets and seams but are made up of wax processed against water resistance. Some of the important features about these tarps are as follows
1000z material / 18oz when proofed
Seams and hems single-stitched
Water resistant heavy weight canvas
Brass eyelets at 2 ft interval in strengthening tabs
Rot-proof and wax processed to make them water resistant
Proofed and un-proofed material without eyelets and hem available on a roll, size 1.8m*24m

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